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May 9, 2019 1:15 PM
  May 31, 2019 11:00 AM ( 02:00 EST)
 $20 (USD)
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 Glendale, AZ 85303 US
 Lien Unit
 72 hours
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 Unit appears to contain - Weight - Shelf - Kids Toy - Tub
 Facility Online Auction Rules *Sale is subject to all applicable local, State, and Federal law. *Buyer must agree to the terms of and sign the Auction Sales Agreement at the facility. No exceptions. Some, but not all, of the terms of the Auction Sales Agreement are summarized below: *Motor Vehicles. Only those motor vehicles and boats that have been advertised as being subject to sale will be sold. Motor vehicles or boats not so advertised, and/or which are discovered inside purchased units following a sale are neither purchased by nor conveyed to Buyer. *Protected Property. Financial, legal or medical records; pharmaceuticals; alcoholic beverages and firearms are deemed by law to be protected property which may not be sold by Operator nor purchased by Buyer at a self-storage auction. Any Protected Property found in the unit is therefore neither purchased by nor conveyed to Buyer, and must be surrendered if found. *Payment. Payment must be made in full, in cash. *Deposit. Buyer agrees to post the amount of the Clean-Out Deposit for each unit purchased as a condition of buying contents. Clean-Out Deposit is $50 cash. *Sales Tax. All sales are subject to tax. Tax will not be collected ONLY if Operator receives a photocopy of Buyers tax license prior to settlement and Buyer completes the required exemption form. *Removal. All contents must be removed by Clean Out Deadline stated on Auction Sales Agreement.

Note to Buyers of Online Self Storage Auctions

In accordance with our Terms of Use Agreement, the buyer agrees to the following:

  • Bidding will start at $1, $10, or $20. You can then increase the bid amount in $10 increments or place a MAX BID that is at least $20 or more than the current bid amount.
  • Any bids placed within the last 3 minutes of the auction will cause the auction time to extend an additional 3 minutes from that time.
  • With our Standard Membership, the winning bidder will be charged a 15% buyer premium of each unit. With our Executive Membership, the winning bidder will be exempt of the buyer premium for a reoccurring monthly payment of $39.95 (billed anniversary style).
  • Depending on the facility, a 10% deposit may be charged to the winning bidder's credit card at the close of the auction. That amount will be subtracted from the final amount due at the facility.
  • Bidders MUST clean out the unit entirely, leaving it in broom-swept condition while abiding by the rules and regulations of the facility, before the end of the 48-72 hr clean out period.
  • Winning bidders understand they are entering into a binding purchase contract. Failure to pay either party and clean out the unit completely will result in the bidder's account being suspended. 
  • The facility has the right to cancel the auction at anytime.
  • The defaulted tenant has the legal right to cure the account thus cancelling the auction. This is true up until the payment is received from the winning bidder to both and the storage facility in question, unless otherwise stated in the state's lien laws or facility.
  • Winning bidders are responsible for their winning bids, taxes, and other fees associated with their account regardless of whether they claim ownership of the unit(s).
  • By registering and agreeing to our Terms of Use, all bidders agree to not dispute credit card charges processed through

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